We could recommend Alisa and Mario to anybody and everybody who need help in every respect of computer technology. We are two senior Hunters Hill ...

Ross & Josephine McBride

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Eurobyte Remote Support

Thank God for Mario and Eurobyte. No longer is it ‘panic stations’ when something goes wrong with my computer. I just say, “Mario will fix it’ and he does in record time and with patient explanations and suggestions for making my computer work more efficiently. I would recommend him to anyone who is experiencing any kind of computer problem.

We could recommend Alisa and Mario to anybody and everybody who need help in every respect of computer technology. We are two senior Hunters Hill residents who love to use their computer. We order books, model plane kits, and assorted hobby equipment from all around the world. We print photos, send many emails and generally love our computer. This is only possible through the wonderful service of Eurobyte, namely Mario who looks after us like a 'son'. Last year Alisa set up a web site for Ross and we are delighted by her efforts.

We approached Alisa and Mario to design and publish a website for our online remote control sales. From our initial meeting right through to our site going live, we experienced professional, friendly and very efficient service. Eurobyte would have to be one of the nicest companies we have had dealings with, in the 13 years we have been in business. Nothing was a problem for them, and they were very patient with our "ever chaining" requests. We are very excited by our brand new venture, and look forward to using Eurobyte on our next site!

Over the years I simply could not have run my Law Firm in a cost efficient and glitch-free manner without their regular urgent out calls to my office. They have always performed. Eurobyte Consultants ALWAYS just do what is asked; with no greedy up-selling of ideas or products. They specialise in making what you already have work better! And stay working. Above all Mario is a very honest worker (almost unique in the Computer Industry) and you can trust him to provide the quickest and un-inflated solution to all your word processing and web site needs. He does more in his one hour service call, then most could achieve in a day. The best thing about the service is the availability of a same day (24 hour at latest) call out service and Mario's "personal" attention. There have been no problems Mario has not been able to permanently solve with an immediate On-Site 1 or 2 hour service call. They have set up and maintained all of the Firm’s Word Processing, Precedent & Accounting Systems, software provision (and its regular renewal & updating), Internal Office intranet networking, etc, and provided all hard ware and installation, etc, and accessories as well. In addition they expertly provided all levels of Web site services including very reasonable Creation, Hosting, Registration and Updating hourly rates. They have 'saved us' by urgent data retrieval work, after crashes with our earlier equipment. THEY ARE A ONE STOP "IT" SHOP! For any small business who needs On-Site, personal attention to their immediate hardware installs or software updating needs, or just the odd urgent Service Call, I highly recommend EUROBYTE.

Mario’s rates are reasonable, he’s prompt, quick on the job, and knows exactly what he’s doing. Six years ago, my computer crashed, so an old friend gave me Mario’s name as an expert and guru, my lucky day. He had the computer going again in no time. After a couple of similar episodes over 2 years, Mario said: Look, you simply need a new computer, yours now is nowhere near powerful enough. By then, I had grown to trust him, and this has not changed. The guru built my new computer, at a very fair price, and it has given no trouble since. Sure, in four years, there have been a couple of minor problems, but this has not been his fault. He has also upgraded the machine to keep it up to date.