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Exetel - Good value NBN

Posted by Alisa on 30 June 2019
Exetel - Good value NBN

Exetel - Australia's award winning NBN provider

We've been using Exetel for about 15 years. At one point we changed to a different ISP, but returned to Exetel realising they're pretty much best in the game. They're reliable and affordable. They may be a small Internet service provider (the fact which we love... plus they're Australian-owned), but they offer great NBN. They rank among Netflix Australia's fastest internet providers and are rarely beaten on price. Check out some of their plans:

  • Speed 50 (evening speed 43Mbps), data allowance 100GB, $49.99/month
  • Speed 100 (evening speed 83Mbps), data allovance unlimited, $89.99/month

Make a switch! Connect NBN! Contact Us to get an honest, professional advice.


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4 Reasons You Need Online Backup

Posted by Mario on 26 July 2017
4 Reasons You Need Online Backup

Your computer crashes, is stolen or gets hacked...and you lose all the data on it all the presentations, spreadsheets, documents, photos, etc. How do you feel? You'd be devistated if you didn't have copies of your files somewhere else.
Thumb drives get lost. Hard drives fail. External hard drives can fail. And you can lose it all to thieves or fire.

There are a number of ways you can lose the data, but the outcome is the same: Information is usually lost and sometimes impossible or very expensive to recover.

The best way to protect everything on your computer with relative ease, is to use an online backup service.

And that's where EUROBYTE cloudDrive comes in.

Automatic continuous backup.

An online back-up service such as EUROBYTE cloudDrive continuously makes backup copies of your important files (the folders and contents you choose) and stores them remotely in the cloud.

So, no matter what happens to your computerhard disk failure, malware, lightning strike, theftyou'd never lose your data. It's safely stored with Eurobyte cloud backup on our computer servers in the cloud, where no one can get it but you.

Isn't that the kind of peace of mind and security you need?

Four reasons EUROBYTE cloudDrive is a great backup solution.

  1. Automatic backup. Eurobyte cloud backup is always on, so you don't have to remember to save files at any point of the day. It takes place even when you're not thinking about it.
  2. Easy file recovery. Whenever you want to restore or retrieve a file, all it takes is a few clicks. And we are just a phone call away in case you need assistance retrieving your file(s).
  3. Anytime, anywhere access. You don't have to be on your "home" computer to retrieve a stored file. Simply go to your account on EUROBYTE cloudDrive from any computer with Internet access and you can retrieve any file that's been stored.
  4. Your information is always safe. EUROBYTE cloudDrive encrypts your stored files; there's no way a hacker or stranger can intercept, retrieve or read your stored data. Military-grade encryption, using advanced networking protocols and guidelines, prevents thieves from hacking Eurobyte cloud backup's network server defences.

Easy to get started. Easy to keep on working!

Easy setup. EUROBYTE cloudDrive is quick to install and configure. Once it's set up, it works in the background, backing up all your files so you never have to worry about doing it on your own.

Easy file retrieval/restoring. The software will start restoring your files instantly. Even if your computer's hard drive fails or your laptop is lost or stolen, you can restore your files to any computer.

Easy recovery from data loss. In all reality, cybersecurity experts are always a step behind hackers. Millions of computers crash or are hacked daily. With EUROBYTE cloudDrive, you can restore clean files just as they were before your computer became infected.

Affordable. Safe. Smart.

The basic EUROBYTE cloudDrive plan for a single home useryou and your computeris incredibly affordable, and there are other plans for more computers, external hard drives and businesses.

Click here to contact us and get an online backup solution tailored to your needs.

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