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A week in a computer repairs shop: Day 3

Posted by Mario on 18 June 2013

A client received replacement printer yesterday, so I'm installing it first thing in the morning. Then back to workshop, have a brekkie, and then off to one of the clients I wasn't able to visit yesterday. Wireless network problem solved! The client just reset the modem and didn't know how to set the username and password back again. When will internet service providers (ISPs) realise they should stop instructing the clients to reset their modems? It's (for most) too technical, so most users can't perform new setup even with ISPs guiding them through the process over the phone (no wonder as phone support can be very confusing... trust me). Anyway… it looks like my timing is much better today :) I'm back to workshop and, after tying up a few lose ends (and having lunch and coffee), I'm off again… another desktop is repaired and ready for delivery. I spoke with this client earlier today and said that I'd be coming over this arvo, but will give him a call to confirm. He said "it's fine, I'm home this afternoon". So I'm in the car on my way to him (and he's seriously outside our service area), I'm calling his mobile and there is no answer :( Sigh! I call Alisa for help. She manages to get in touch with the client. He's home, so I'm good and don't have to turn around (or rather change the route as I've got another job booked).

Back in the shop, Alisa is looking for a recent (handwritten) invoice that we issued, but she couldn't find it in our accounting system. Then she looks for another one, and another one… and none of them have been recorded. Rick!!! Yes, he's coming back late this afternoon to fix this. Hmm, I wonder how much this will change his GST calculation done yesterday :( Alisa also doesn't seem happy as she was planning to leave the office early today. Oh well... in a computer repairs shop unexpected things happen all the time and we're used to this, so there is (almost) always a plan B.

About: Many years in IT, today a Senior IT Consultant and running a computer sales and repairs business in Hunters Hill NSW (and a big coffee drinker). I’m a techie who loves challenge and enjoys solving problems.
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