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ESET Version 6 - NEW! Locate your lost or stolen computer

Posted by Eurobyte on 10 July 2012

ESET is the first antivirus vendor to introduce an Anti-Theft feature into a security suite designed for Windows-based systems. And considering that computing is increasingly mobile, this is no small feature. Anti-Theft allows you to locate your machine if it goes missing. Once you mark the machine as missing, with Anti-Theft you can:

  • Prohibit access to all computer accounts, hence protecting your files;
  • See who has your computer through the built-in camera, without them knowing;
  • All activity on the missing device is recorded so you can view screen shots of various screens on your computer that can tell you which programs are being used;
  • Manage all your devices through a convenient web interface;
  • Ping the finder of your device with One-way messaging;
  • Increase your security with Anti-Theft Diagnostics.

Version 6 has been in beta since mid-May and once officially released it will only be available as part of ESET Smart Security (and not NOD32 Antivirus).

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