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A week in a computer repairs shop: Day 2

Posted by Mario on 4 June 2013

Alisa is publishing a blog post today (not this one though… she'll be nagging me about this one again and again until the post is "perfect" as she would say). Did I mention that she's well-organised? :) Today's post was ready days (maybe even weeks) ago, so she just has a (yet another) read, polishes it here and there, and it's now online. It also automatically (how awesome) publishes on EUROBYTE Twitter page and then Alisa also publishes the post to a few other social networks like Facebook, Google+ etc. It's quite an effort to run a blog when I think about it. Some hire professional blog writers, but we like to do things in-house :) I hope you're enjoying our stories (at least somewhat). Anyhow…

Rick (our bookkeeper) is happy as "paperwork is perfect, as usual", which makes Alisa very happy :) He's also happy with "his" new office. We've set up a little sanctuary at the back of the workshop that will be rejuvenating us when a break from fixing computers is needed… I wish :) Let's try this again. We've set up a little office at the back of the workshop for such things as admin work. It's not quite ready yet. It actually only needs a few finishing touches… such as our kids' artwork (Alisa's idea). And we're still tripping over empty boxes (or remains of) and hoping we'll clean up everything soon or we'll go nuts. This actually makes me rethink my idea of updating the workshop layout. But Rick seems to be happily doing his magic in the new office, so it looks like the room fits the purpose (a perfect test).

It's quite cold today and here (in Hunters Hills) it rained all morning. Not exactly a perfect day for doing (any) work. It's not at all helping that I started late as I'd had to take Alisa to the (Sydney) City to a meeting with one of her web design clients. And I'm staying in Gladesville at a client's longer than expected. It is (often) very difficult to predict how much time I will be onsite. Sometimes I go to fix an email issue, but then I get question after question after question… and, before I know it, I'm late for my next appointment. This time (and unplanned) I had to set up a Group Calendar for an entire organisation, which proved to be a pretty strenuous exercise that made havoc of my schedule. Apart from zillion voicemail messages on my phone (that I can't even think about at the moment), I'm supposed to go to two more clients today. I (honestly) don't see how I can make this happen. Did I mention one of them lives in Lane Cove so, although not far, not exactly next door either. In this (crisis) situation it doesn't really help that other client is right here in Boronia Park. Anyhow, one reported no internet connection. I'll try to connect remotely to confirm the issue because, and this happens more often than you'd think, users believe there's a problem with internet as they can't open their browser, but the internet is actually working fine and the problem is with something else. Fixing this remotely would save me quite a bit of travel time and (quite possibly) put me back on schedule. The other client has a problem with wireless network in her office. She just called advising she'd be happier if I could visit tomorrow as she unexpectedly has to leave the office. Phew! I'll spend the rest of the day looking at a couple of laptops and a desktop, which are all nearly fixed and ready to go, so I'm aiming at having them ready for tomorrow. Oh, and I still have to check all those voicemail messages.

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A week in a computer repairs shop: Day 1

Posted by Mario on 23 May 2013

Not much is happening today in the workshop. It's school holidays and, in this part of the world (read: Boronia Park and Hunters Hill), business (and not just computer repairs) is (generally) slow during school holidays. But with a small business you never know and there are no rules. Makes me think of a No Rules Mate from a Steak House Menu (no wonder… it's 1pm, lunch time, I just got back from setting up a computer and internet for a client, I'm hungry… I'll have a bite and then I'll be off again).

Alisa is busy though. She's busy with paperwork (and I know she's got a few website projects in the pipeline, so it's quite hectic in the front office). It's GST-reporting time and receipts and bills are everywhere. Alisa is a well-organised person and I just need to stay out of her way while she's arranging everything for Rick (our bookkeeper). Otherwise, she might bite :) I just replaced her laptop hard drive with a super-fast solid state drive (SSD) and was hoping she'd test it today and tell me all about how wonderfully quick she can now open this application or that one. But I know better than ask. Not today anyway. I can hear her sigh every time the phone rings. We're lucky we’re not reporting GST on a monthly basis :) And (luckily) I've got a couple of things to do outside the office today, so I'll be onsite for better part of the day :)

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