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iPad Tips and Tricks for Beginners

Posted by Alisa on 1 May 2013

You got your iPad not long ago and you can send and receive emails just fine, look for and buy apps without problems, play games... Are you sometimes wondering what else is there? There are many nice little things that can help you use your iPad quicker and easier and here's a few.

Add two more dock icons

By default there are 4 dock icons (on the bottom of your iPad screen), and the good news is – you can actually have 6. Simply choose an app that you'd like to place onto the dock (and you would want an app that you're using frequently, so moving it to the dock will make it easier to access). Hold your finger down on any of the apps until they begin to shake. Now drag the one you chose to the dock and press the home button.

Restart your iPad

There will be times when you'll need to reboot your iPad (if it is having problems that aren't going away). To do the reboot, you press the home button and sleep/wake button together, and you hold them for about 10 seconds (ignore the slide to power off message). Your iPad will shut down and you can then power it on as you normally do… and the original issue should (hopefully) resolve.

Force an app to close

Sometimes iPad apps can stop responding. If this happens, press and hold the sleep/wake button until the slide to power off message appears. Let go of the sleep/wake button, press the home button and hold it down for about 6 seconds. This will force the app to quit.

Take a screenshot

If you wish to save what’s on your iPad screen (for example a confirmation of a restaurant booking), you can take a screenshot by pressing the home button and sleep/wake button together. The screen will flash and you will hear a shutter sound (if you've got sound activated). The image of whatever is on your screen is now saved in your Photos app and you can email/view/print this image at your convenience.

Personalise with wallpaper

Just save an image that you'd like to have as wallpaper. To save, tap on the image and hold down, then choose save image. Your saved image is now in the Photos app. Open it up, tap the little arrow in the top left corner of the iPad screen, and choose use as wallpaper.

Following websites contain a lot of free iPad wallpapers in case you don't feel like using your own photos:

Add a webpage to the home screen

If you've got a favourite webpage (e.g. Facebook) that you visit frequently, you can add it to your iPad's home screen. Tap the + icon in Safari and then tap add to home screen.

Did you know that there are 11 home screens on your iPad? You can group your apps by simply sliding their icons onto a relevant screen. You can have all your games (for example) grouped on one home screen or your music apps on another home screen.

Free e-books for iPad

iPad supports the ePub. ePub is one of major e-book formats, so you can pretty much open any e-book with your iPad. All you need to do is email an e-book to yourself, open it up and enjoy.

Apps for vision-impaired users

As part of an iPad Info Session we were running at a local community centre, I had to find apps useful for vision-impaired users. I got in touch with Chiu Lau, a registered psychologist running a private psychology clinic, Possibilities Psychological Services in Ramsgate. She specialises in helping children with disabilities, so I hoped she'd be able to help. And she indeed came up with wonderful resources. She provided invaluable help by sourcing a list of over 100 VoiceOver-friendly apps. She also told me about a community-powered website AppleVis, which is a rich resource for low-vision and blind users of Apple devices. Thank you Chiu!

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