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Eurobyte Remote Support

Antivirus And Firewall Installation

Antivirus and Internet security for home and office

Connecting your unprotected PC or Mac to the Internet is like leaving your house unlocked - eventually, someone will wander in...

EUROBYTE can help you to:

Choose adequate computer security solution
Install antivirus or Internet security program
Tweak antivirus or Internet security for best security and performance


Buy antivirus or Internet security

We recommend ESET NOD32 Antivirus and Smart Security, but check out our Online Store for our complete range of computer security products.


Computer firewall problems

You've installed firewall and now you are having problems with:

Browsing the internet
Sending and/or receiving emails
Certain applications stop working
Updates not working


How to fine-tune your computer firewall

Firewalls are difficult to understand and configure, even for experienced computer users. If you've been putting off installing a firewall, or if you aren't sure whether your firewall is protecting you fully, Contact Us and we will:

Asses your current computer security
Recommend and Install a diferent solution if required
Open and close required computer ports
Create a list of firewall rules
Fine-tune your computer security