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Website Add-On Tools

Add these tools to your website to get more customers

You simply start with a website that we build for you and then you easily add any of the tools when you need them. There will be no downtime or expensive redesigns. Your website will grow with your business and it will help you generate leads, make more sales, and cut administration time, so you can have more time to look after your customers.


Communication tools

Photo Gallery


Blog Manager

Showcase your products and services in a stylish photo gallery.   Establish yourself as an expert by sharing useful information in a company blog.


Product Catalogue



Client Testimonials

Get more customers by displaying your products.   Tell everyone how good you are by using testimonials on your website.


Landing Pages



Knowledge Base

Get more results from your online and offline advertising by using focused landing pages.   Provide your clients with answers to common questions. It will save their time and yours.


Website Search



Case Studies

Help your customers find what they need by integrating search functionality to your website.   Use case studies, such as client success stories or product manuals, to inform your customers and encourage them to buy.


Client Filing Manager

Password protect files for individual users.    


Ecommerce tools

Shopping Cart


Advertising Manager

Sell your products and service online with this easy-to-use shopping cart.   Advertise your own promotions or sell advertising space to other businesses.


Referral Program



Custom Form Builder

Create a referral program that lets you easily track affiliates' referrals and calculate fees.   With this tool you can easily create online forms to collect details from your customers.


Real Estate



Online Classifieds 

Add your property listings not only to your website but also the major online real estate portals (all in one go).   Run classifieds on your website to make more business and encourage customers to interact with your website.


Interactive tools

Website Polls


Membership Directory

Use polls on your website to engage customers and conduct market research.   Have a directory on your website that allows your members to advertise their business.


Membership Manager



Video Manager

Easily manage your memberships, from signups to renewals.   Make your website more interactive and entertaining with a video gallery.



Communicate with your customers and make your website interesting and informative.